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Michigan Flower Barn is a wholesale flower company that supports local farmers in Michigan, and across the US. We are committed to providing an inclusive space in our creative community while supporting fellow entrepreneurs. Our mission is to improve the standard of the fresh cut-flower industry with reducing the carbon footprint by making sustainable flowers accessible to everyone, and support our local economy.

our core Values

Our purpose is to support a collective of farmers providing high-quality flowers and foliage while utilizing sustainable floristry with innovative solutions.

We value transparent communication and dignity to serve in the best interest of all members, customers and employees.

We provide an inclusive space for all humans to feel welcome.

We support an authentic community led by collaboration and integrity.

We would like to acknowledge that Michigan Flower Barn was built on and occupies the traditional lands of the Peoria, Anishinaabe, Odawa, Wyandot, Sauk, Mississauga and many other Indigenous people.

ABOUT MFB & how we got started!


Michigan Flower Barn was created by the owners of Brown Family Farmstead – a first generation flower farm in Owosso, Michigan. The Michigan Flower Barn concept inspired by replicable flower co-op and other wholesale collective models across the US. After realizing the undeniable need to supply flower farmers across Mid-Michigan with a central hub to distribute their blooms, our wholesale flower market collective was created. Our mission is to encourage a strong local flower economy in Mid-Michigan and beyond, making locally-grown flowers and foliage easily accessible to people of all kinds!


Josephine Brown is co-owner of Brown Farmstead and the founder of MFB. In 2015, Josephine and her husband began working towards getting their own farmette – after some time they landed in Mid-Michigan (between Owosso and Perry)! She began to study flower farming in 2018 with a goal to provide locally grown flowers in her event designs. Shortly after, the MI Flower Truck was developed and ready to pop-up with bouquets that were all designed with 100% locally grown blooms. Next thing you know it was spring 2020 the pandemic proved to challenge that launch. Eventually, Josephine had more opportunities to pop-up around the state with her flower truck and needed more locally grown flowers than she could grow! She would travel to other local flower farms in her area and even to the Flower Co-Op in Ypsilanti to design with sustainable flowers.

The Michigan Flower Truck had very exciting and successful start, customers of all kinds were eager to seek out locally-grown bouquets! The slight downfall was commuting across the state every week, between working with farmers in her area and traveling to Southern-Michigan, just to produce enough bouquets for the flower truck all season long.

In the course of attending monthly gatherings with other flower farmers in her area, she was able to make more connections and discovered there was an abundance of farmers who were looking for the same thing: a local and consistent sales outlet for their flowers. It was obvious that her farm was the perfect spot to create a central hub for fellow farmers in her area to come together and sell their products together!

Alas, Michigan Flower Barn was born, a wholesale flower farm collective. Located on her flower farm in mid-Michigan, MFB is just 30 minutes away from both Downtown Lansing & Flint, an hour drive from Grand Rapids & Saginaw. Wholesale buyers can order and shop from fresh-cut flowers in a cathedral barn, and flower lovers of all kinds can attend seasonal workshops! The MFB team has a mission to educate on the importance of purchasing slow-grown flowers, while supporting local flower farmers and setting a new standard for the wholesale floral industry!

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