Local Flowers

Our flowers are locally grown with sustainable farming practices, harvested in their natural season of bloom, designed by florists who are using chemical-free techniques.


As designers and flower farmers, we’re committed to providing a new option for the traditional floral supply process. If you’re new to the floral industry or haven’t switched to locally-grown yet – here are some major reasons to commit to your local flower farmers!


80% of the flowers bought and sold in floral shops, grocery stores, and by designers are grown overseas? Colombia alone supplies 70% of the flowers imported into the US each day! Which means everything applying to those flowers is overseen by their government and industry regulations… aka their chemical use and workers rights. Then there is the massive global emissions issue when it comes to refrigeration and transportation to get them delivered to you. Needless to say, they’re the furthest thing from sustainable.

Think about all of those factors applying to another perishable item we regularly purchase…. the food we consume. Anyways, the world wide web provides some light reading if you’re requiring more info. Let us try to cliff note the pros (and necessities) that come from purchasing local blooms:

  • The obvious: you’re supporting a local farm = small business. Which puts money back into our LOCAL economy.
  • Packaging: locally-grown flowers don’t require shipping packaging and single-use plastic.
  • Chemicals: our farmers use zero harsh chemicals that kill pollinators and damage the ecosystem. We have a sustainable standard for all farming members.
  • Quality: locally-grown flowers are cut at the correct time, never leave the water, and are harvested fresh for use – which eliminates additional additives needed for vase life.
  • Community: you get to meet every person growing your products. Our team and growers live in Michigan and we’re happy to connect with buyers! You’re supporting a vital service while building relationships and connections!

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