Farmer Membership

How Does It Work?

You grow the beautiful cut flowers. MFB provides coordination, communication and buyer outreach, fulfillment, plus marketing. As a farming member you simply add your available inventory to our website each week. Then on market days (Wednesday), you deliver your fresh-cut blooms to MFB, we distribute the orders to our wholesale buyers and customers!

Flower farmer membership

  • We provide pre-ordering in high volume from wholesale purchasers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your inventory is purchased before you harvest it.

  • Each farming member gets access to our extensive data and industry assets which include: exclusive cut-flower sale trends and demands for Michigan, a wholesale price guide range, consultation for successful farming inventory selection and sales.
  • Choose between two membership options: full season from April/May through Early October ($200). Or a partial season pass for a preselected 8 weeks ($100), which perfect for new farmers or anyone with specific/limited crop availability.
  • Farmers get paid out weekly commission of 70% on their sales.
  • Sign up as a farmer and shop wholesale flowers: as an approved farming member, you can add on a wholesale buyer’s pass for $25 for the season.

Flower Farmer Requirements

Qualified flower farmers are considered based on the following criteria:

  • Knowledge and inventory that aligns with demand for wholesale quantities (growers bunches), as MFB customers are professional floral designers.
  • Must be able to provide a minimum of 3 wholesale bunches per flower type / product to sell (exception to specialty focal flowers like hydrangea, peony, dahlia, lisianthus, deluxe tulip, ranunculus, garden rose, and anemone).
  • Committed to selling consistently with MFB for the selected growing season.
  • Farm must be located in Michigan and products are grown by you. Inventory must be dropped off each Wednesday mornings in Bennington Township (between Owosso & Perry).
  • Products are grown free from harsh chemicals that kill pollinators and use sustainable growing practices as much as possible.

MFB wholesale market season is opening at the end of April 2024! Flower Farmer applications open every winter and will close April 1st, anyone applying after April 1 will be automatically put onto our waitlist. Once you’ve filled out our farmer application, our team will review it and contact you within a couple weeks. Approved members will receive detailed procedures for selling your flowers through MFB upon onboarding along with industry assets to help with pricing and demand trends.

Any applications submitted after April 1st will be added to our waitlist for the ’24 season. Returning farming members must re-apply each season.

2024 Flower Farming membership Application

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Mailing Address
Farm Address (If different than mailing address)
How many seasons have you grown cut-flowers for sale?
What are your current primary sales outlets?
Select all that apply
Do you own or lease your farm space?
Select all types of growing methods that you use for cut-flowers:
Starting month to end month
Wholesale bunches average 10 stems per type/color.
Wholesale is in growers bunch quantities
(spray or solutions added to water or crops)
Which membership option would you like to sign up for?
*Crop-specific growers have an abundance of one crop available (i.e., peonies, dahlias, etc.) or limited variety.
Submission of Application
By submitting this application you are agreeing that all of the information on this application is accurate. Submission of this application does not guarantee a membership access, applications are reviewed in the order they are received. You will be notified via email or phone of acceptance. The MFB is juried to ensure all farming members are able to supply cut-flower products and all products are grown sustainably before approval. All farming members must reside in the state of Michigan.

Our team will review it and contact you within a couple weeks after application submission. Please note if you are applying after February 2024; as we get closer to Spring there will be a slight delay communication regarding application updates. Thanks for your understanding!


We know how much work goes into farming, running a small business and just keeping up with all of life. As flower farmers ourselves, we especially know how important it is to build connections and have a consistent outlet for sales. Our goal is to encourage a strong flower economy in Michigan – making sustainable, local cut-flowers easily accessible to designers and florists. Farmers can focus on farming, and we handle the rest. Community over competition is what we live by here, we’re excited to offer a wholesale marketplace for fellow flower farmers in Michigan to utilize while we offer a new standard to the fresh-cut flower industry!