Farmer Membership

How Does It Work?

You grow the beautiful cut flowers. MFB provides coordination, communication and buyer outreach, fulfillment, plus marketing. As a farming member you’ll simply upload your available products for pre-sale each week. Then on market day, deliver your fresh blooms to the MFB and we sell them to our buyers! Our goal is to encourage a strong local flower economy in Michigan, making locally-grown florals easily accessible to designers and florists. Ready to join our farmer lineup? 

Apply To Be a Member

We welcome new & seasoned farmers, and encourage sustainable farming practices. Our farming members are required to grow all of their own products. Once you’ve filled out our flower farm application, our team will review it and contact you upon approval within 7-10 business days.

We offer two flower farm membership options each year: full season passes from Mid-April – October ($200). Or a partial season pass for farmers with specific or limited crop availability, for a pre-selected 8 weeks ($100).

Want to sign up as a farmer and get a buyer’s pass? As an approved flower farming member, you can add on a buyer’s pass for $50.

Farmer Selection

Qualified flower farmers are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Product selection that aligns with buyer demand
  • Your farm is located in Mid-Michigan
  • Ability to deliver product in wholesale quantities (growers bunches)
  • Committed to selling consistently with MFB for the growing season
  • Products are grown free from harsh chemicals that kill pollinators and you use sustainable growing practices as much as possible

MFB is opening in April 2023! Flower farmers are encouraged to apply ASAP, applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. 

Flower Farmer Application

(Wholesale is in growers bunch quantities)
Select all that apply
*Crop-specific growers have an abundance of one crop available (i.e., peonies, dahlias, etc.)
By submitting this application you are agreeing that all of the information on this application is accurate. Submission of this application does not guarantee a membership access, applications are reviewed in the order they are received. You will be notified via email or phone of acceptance. The MFB is juried to ensure all farming members are able to supply cut-flower products and all products are grown sustainably before approval. All farming members must reside in the state of Michigan.


We know how much work goes into growing high quality, specialty cut flowers. As flower farmers ourselves, we especially know how important it is to keep steady business and to build connections. Now you’ve got a spot to sell all of those beautiful blooms.  The MFB was created to offer a consistent wholesale marketplace for our fellow flower farmers in Mid-Michigan. Community over competition is what we live by, and we’re excited to have our team of diverse farmers grow each year!