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Fleurescent Farms

Fleurescent Farms began in 2022 when two bad@$$ flower farmer chicks came together to be even more bad@$$

Founded by two passionate flower-freaks turned plant geeks, Jordan and Nikki both have backgrounds in floral design and had been using their garden flowers in design work for years. It wasn’t until they met in 2020 at a local flower farming meet-up, that they realized the Michigan flower community was desperately searching for locally-grown, freshly-harvested, drop-dead-gorgeous blooms. We had ‘em and people wanted ‘em.

Cue the Michigan Flower Barn! A wonderful oasis for farmers and florists alike, where Jordan and Nikki sold their flowers under their previous farm names – Eufloria and Aster & Holly, respectively. Here they became fast friends; when you find someone who nerds out with you over soil and plant nutrients, you don’t let them slip away 😉 Both Jordan and Nikki continued falling in love with plants and flowers. They often talked about scaling up to offer their lush flowers to more designers across the state, and daydreamed all of the ‘someday we could do…’

So they did!

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