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Buying Membership

Our 2024 season opens April 22nd!

Wholesale buying members have online ordering access to a variety flowers and foliage – 100% locally grown by over a dozen Michigan farmers all in one place. 

Everything we sell is harvested fresh by local farmers each week – ready for you to design with. From farm to bucket to you. No shipping damages or surprise (aka disappointing) blooms the wrong color. No driving around the state to get inventory from different farmers. We’re providing access to the best locally grown cut-flowers easier than ever!

Pickup your flowers in our Lansing or Detroit area locations. Delivery offered for qualifying orders on Wednesday or Thursdays!

Our buyers favorite option: pre-order in advance, securing your inventory weeks ahead.

farming Membership

2024 farmer memberships are now open until April 1st!

As farmers ourselves, we know how important it is to keep steady business and to build connections – on top of the actual flower farming work. We’re proud to offer a consistent wholesale marketplace to our local flower farming community in Michigan.

Michigan Flower Barn provides farming members with coordination, communication & buyer outreach, fulfillment, plus marketing for your products. You focus on doing what you love most – growing beautiful cut-flowers.

Community over competition is what we live by at Michigan Flower Barn, and we are proud of the strong community we provide in the flower world. Our mission is to get sustainable flowers into the hands of more people across our state!

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