Pre-Order #20197: Shell Gardens Flowers

Pre-Order #20197: Shell Gardens Flowers


Dahlia – 5 stems

Lisi – 5 stems

Zinnia – 40 stems

Cosmos – 20 stems

Strawflower – 10 stems

QAL – 30 stems

Gomphrena – 50 stems

Celosia – 30 stems

Phlox – 10 stems

Dara – 30 stems

Hypericum – 20 stems

Hibiscus – 20 stems

Barnyard grass – 30 stems

Shiso – 10 stems

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Shell Gardens Flowers

I own and operate Shell Gardens Flowers in Morrice with my husband and son. We grow cut flowers for sale to farmers’ markets, events, and subscriptions.

After moving back to Michigan from the Dallas, Texas, area, we changed our lifestyle. I switched from teaching fourth graders to homeschooling our now twelve-year-old son, while operating Shell Gardens Flowers. What started as a small plot of asters, dahlias, sweet peas, and wildflowers has grown to a cultivated acre of annuals along with perennials tucked throughout our landscape.

We also raise honey bees and chickens and delight in watching the ecology of our land change as the farm grows.

Operating a flower farm is truly a living a life focused on hard work and enjoy the beauty of nature. We are so excited to share to joy and beauty of locally grown flowers all season long.