Lily, Pink Brush

Lily, Pink Brush


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5 stem bunch, 3-5 buds per lily, approximately 15″ stems

Perfectly pink!  This LA Hybid has no scent which makes it perfect for any use!

My goal is to harvest the lilies before the buds are open although sometimes there may be one bud open.

Stone Oak Farm

Hello Flower Friends! I'm Alicia with Stone Oak Farm in beautiful Metamora, MI! I am passionate about growing farm fresh flowers and adding beauty and color to our world. From the fancy narcissus to the romantic peony to the ever-delightful dahlias to the workhorse snapdragons and ageratum filler, I don't think there is a flower that I haven't met and swooned over!

I share our little farmette with my husband Jim, our dog Glory, two cats, three horses (my other lifelong passion), and a couple of milk cows. Are we busy? Yes! Are we blessed! Yes! Would we live any other way? No!